Stefan Krauss


Stefan Krauss M.D. is a Director of and Professor at the Centre of Excellence Hybrid Technology Hub at the University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital. Stefan has a background in medicine, developmental biology, developmental signalling, and chemical biology. He is currently focusing on applying morphogenetic signalling to advance organoid/gastruloid development and integration. He has published over 110 peer-reviewed articles (including in Cell, Nature and Nature Journals) and 6 patents. His discovery of the key vertebrate signal Shh was listed as one of the 24 Milestones in Development by the journal Nature.

Contributions to the project

A central obstacle, preventing gastruloids from reaching advanced developmental stages, is the lack of a functional vascular network that can support the gastruloid with oxygen and nutrients, and remove metabolic waste products. We are developing strategies for vascularizing anteriorized gastruloids containing heart and foregut structures, from an external support platform. In the frame of SUMO, the Krauss group is responsible for WPs 4 and WP5 and contributes to WPs 1-9.

Gastruloid on a chick yolkk