With our SUMO Consortium, we put a lot of effort in active outreach and participation in ELSA events. We believe in transparent communication with the general public regarding our work’s ethical, legal, and social dimensions. We aim to bridge the gap between our research and society, fostering understanding, collaboration, and responsible innovation. We are dedicated to engaging, educating, and working together with society to ensure our research positively impacts the world.

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Stem Cell derived Embryo Models

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SUMO in the Pub

SUMO in the Pub: Consortium member Jesse Veenvliet gave a 20 minutes laymen presentation about “Development in a Dish” for a very engaged audience in a Pub in Dresden as part of the Beerology event (https://livesciencedresden.de/beerology-2023/). It was lots of fun to educate the general public on the possibilities and limitations of mouse and human embryo models, and the questions during the Q&A were fantastic and helped us reflect on our research and, in particular, the Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects (ELSA) of it!